All genomes
have a story
to tell. 

Are you ready
to know yours?

Genetic counseling is a personalized approach to learning more about the story encoded in your genomic information. 

Genetic counselors help interpret the meaning of this genomic data to provide insights that are important for you, your family members, and your healthcare provider to help understand and manage genetic risk.

Many AT-GC patients want to know if cancer is hereditary, or if they are at risk for heart disease, neurological conditions, or other genetic disease. Some healthy people want to know if they are at risk to develop a particular condition that runs in the family. Others want to know more about the genomic health for themselves, family members, or as related to infertility or pregnancy. Genetic counseling is useful for many people who would like to know more about their genetics.

Genetic counselors help interpret the meaning of this genomic data to provide insights that are important for you, your family members, and your healthcare provider to help understand and manage genetic risk.

Independent, Unbiased Genetic Counseling Care from AT-GC.

AT-GC is independent from any laboratory to offer unbiased care and do what’s best for you.

Your Time Is Important. So Is Access to Genetic Counseling Care.

Genetics is complicated. Rapid access to comprehensive genetic counseling doesn’t have to be.

AT-GC Genetic Counselors help navigate your genetic information with end-to-end comprehensive genetic counseling support

With genetic counseling appointments available every day of the week and with genetic counselors fluent in multiple languages ( se habla español) and complimentary medical language translation for all others upon request, AT-GC provides rapid access to genetic counseling support from Certified Genetic Counselors you can trust. 

One Fee. End-To-End Care. Dedicated Support.

At AT-GC, all genetic counseling follow up for your primary indication is included. This means you pay once and receive comprehensive genetic counseling care tailored to your needs.

Your dedicated AT-GC genetic counselor keeps you and your provider informed throughout your genetic wellness journey, offering truly comprehensive service with a one-time fee and personalized end-to-end care from a single qualified clinician who knows your case and takes the time to understand your needs.

Learn more with the AT-GC Patient Guide or Schedule Your Genetic Counseling Appointment Now.

AT-GC provides end-to-end, comprehensive genetic counseling. Some specialty areas include:

Reproduction & Fertility






Endocrinology & Metabolics





Wellness & Preventative Care

Ancestry & Direct-to-Consumer SNP-Based Testing

Family or Personal History

Find out more in our Patient Guide and Resources.

Who We Are
How We Care

Founded by genetic counselors, Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling provides nationwide multidisciplinary genetic counseling from our team of Certified Genetic Counselors. Team AT-GC is dedicated to reducing traditional access barriers to genetics care through telehealth and believes the knowledge of individual genetic health information should be accessible and understandable for all who seek to understand their hereditary history and risks.

Advanced Tele-
Genetic Counseling
For Organizations

Established in 2016, we are well-versed in helping health systems and organizations find long- and short-term genetics support solutions.

With scalable models to fit teams of all types and sizes, our personalized approach ensures you’re getting just what you need, when you need it without overspending for genetic counseling solutions. 

Contact us to start the conversation about how we can help reduce access barriers and promote health equity while offering competitive end-to-end genetics solutions for organizations.

AT-GC is a woman-owned small practice that is dedicated to reducing traditional access barriers to genetics care by solving the deficit of genetic counselors through our nimble and scalable telehealth platform.

Advanced Tele-
Genetic Counseling
For Providers

For patients with a personal or family history of cancer, heart disease, neurological conditions, or other indications of genetic disease, as well as those with genetic concerns for themselves and family members,  AT-GC helps you find a genetic counselor through virtual telehealth to help your patient navigate though the gene testing process. Genetic counselors interpret and report on an individual’s hereditary disease and genetic risk.

With same- or next-day urgent requests, AT-GC’s certified genetic counselors keep you informed throughout the process with next steps by providing detailed reports to ensure proper continuity of care and medical management for your patients.

Find out what AT-GC can do as a genetic service delivery model for your patients with genetic predisposition and get to know a dedicated team of certified genetic counselors by name.

increased Access 

Access to healthcare should not be dependent on where you live. With a long-term, global deficit of genetic counselors among increasing demand for genetics evaluations, AT-GC’s tele-genetic counseling support services are an essential tool for improving health equity across practices and for all patients. We are passionate about providing a solution by connecting patients and providers to qualified genetics professionals through telehealth.

scalable solutions

AT-GC’s scalable approach to tele-genetic services provides ease of scheduling for patients who may otherwise lack the ability, time, or resources to meet with an in-person genetic counselor. For practices and larger health organizations, partnering with AT-GC means no more unfilled genetic counselor positions, no training and overhead, and no problems with retention. We’re ready to help, anytime, and anywhere.

dedicated Quality

Patients completing genetic counseling appointments with AT-GC genetic counselors report an accurate perception of their risks and often report that the experience exceeded their expectations. There is no difference in patient knowledge or satisfaction compared to in-person genetic counseling. Board-certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling, AT-GC’s genetic counselors each proudly uphold the title of American Board of Genetic Counseling Certified Genetic Counselor.

economically conscious

It is our goal to help increase access and to today’s top high-performing, knowledgeable genetic counselors for all who seek to know more about the influence of heredity on our personal well-being. AT-GC’s scalable platform and customizable workflows translates into substantial cost-savings for our patients and partners with personalized genetic solutions to meet the unique needs of our partner groups. AT-GC is dedicated to finding solutions to support patient care across our communities for all who need them.

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