Month: September 2020

genetics of infertility
  The Genetics of Infertility Having A Difficult Time Getting Pregnant?   You’re Not Alone Infertility Affects 7% of Couples Have you ever wondered about the genetics of infertility? As the trend of couples getting married and starting families at a later age increases, infertility has become a more common problem. Statistics show that 85 […]
genetic information nondiscrimination act
Genetic Counselors have been asked many times by patients, what happens if I do genetic testing and it shows I have a genetic condition? Can I lose my job? Health Insurance? Will I still be treated appropriately by doctors? There are many valid questions that come with the decision to pursue genetic testing. Sometimes a […]
fragile x syndrome
There are so many different personalities, intellects, talents, and passions in this world. Unique people make this world interesting and provide improvement and progression in life. Genetics play a key role in people being different from each other, even within a single family. While changes in our genetics can bring strengths in someone, they can […]
health insurance
Navigating the complicated intricacies of the American healthcare system can make anyone want to pull out their hair. Who should you contact for answers? Should you call your insurance company first? Should you contact your provider’s office instead? Can you trust the information that you receive? How can you avoid surprise costs and bills? Why […]
prenatal genetic counseling
Pregnancies can bring out a mixed bag of emotions – excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and joy. With the advent of technology and a plethora of information available, there are numerous confusing testing options available, and it can be overwhelming to understand what works best for you. One way to manage these emotions is with prenatal genetic […]
history of genetic testing
A genetic test is a medical test that analyzes the DNA in your body by using saliva, blood, amniotic fluid, or tissue. By evaluating the coding of your DNA, a genetic test can determine if a mutation has occurred which may cause a segment of DNA to not function properly. These segments of DNA are […]
prostate cancer
Not too many people like to talk about their prostate, or screening for prostate cancer, or even if something is wrong with their prostate. The prostate is a small gland about the size of a walnut that produces seminal fluid, which nourishes and transports sperm. The prostate is below the bladder and in front of […]
ovarian cancer awareness
October is well-known as breast cancer awareness month.  Everything is drowned in a deluge of pink from bagels to bandanas to billboards.  While breast cancer awareness is very important—at least 12% of American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime—it can feel that this ocean of pink overshadows awareness for other serious […]
leukemia cancer
In September we recognize quite a few types of cancers, including uterine, prostate, ovarian, and thyroid cancers. While all these types of cancers are important, September is also blood cancer awareness month: a focused time for advocates and supporters of leukemia to raise awareness about efforts to fight blood cancers like leukemia. Leukemia cancer affects […]