Month: November 2020

stomach cancer
Some people might not know that a human being can live without their stomach. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, treatment options sometimes include removing the stomach. One support group called No Stomach For Cancer shares stories on their website of individuals who have needed to have their stomach removed. Having your stomach removed […]
family history
The holiday season is a time to gather as family and friends, to catch up on each other’s lives, celebrate family traditions, and spend time together. Thanksgiving in particular is a national holiday celebrated on various dates in many different countries. Family often travels to gather in large groups and give thanks. In 2004, Thanksgiving […]
Increasing patient access to genetic counseling piqued my interest as a student. This curiosity lead me to a rotation at a telemedicine genetic counseling company, AT-GC, in January 2020. Little did I know how advantageous my curiosity would prove to be.  Two months after completing my AT-GC rotation, a global pandemic spiraled out of control, […]
neural tube defects
The majority of pregnancies result in healthy babies. More often than not, when a woman finds out she is pregnant she will go on to have a healthy pregnancy with few complications. One of the purposes of ultrasound during pregnancy is to detect any abnormalities in the growing baby. At the 20-week ultrasound, the baby […]