Month: January 2021

The MTHFR gene mutation is fairly common in the general population. There are a few different areas of health where knowledge of an MTHFR mutation can be important. What exactly is it and what does it do in our bodies? The MTHFR gene provides genetic instructions to make a protein that helps your body process […]
The field of genetic counseling has expanded rapidly over the last few decades. As the field of genetics grows, more and more genetics providers are needed in various areas of health care. With that demand, genetic counselors are expanding into those health care fields, but there continues to be a shortage. Why is it important […]
As a genetic counselor, when taking a family history during a genetic counseling session often people will say their grandmother or another female relative died of a “female cancer”. To a genetic counselor, there is an important difference between the “female cancers”. Ovarian cancer is quite rare and is associated with several inherited cancer syndromes. […]