Month: February 2021

Almost every month of the year has been designated an awareness month for a certain type of cancer. In February, we celebrate national cancer prevention month. While some cancers are rarely detected prior to their beginning, there are several cancers that can be prevented or caught in the early stages through screening and routine care. […]
The field of pharmacogenomics has continued to develop and advance. Many health care providers are now considering genetic testing to help determine which medications are the best for their patients. Pharmacogenomics analyzes a person’s genetic instructions to determine which drugs and drug doses will be the best fit for that person. In the past, most […]
There are some people who have a chromosome abnormality, a type of genetic condition, who can live their whole life and never know they have the condition. Often a person will only find out if they by chance are tested by a doctor or they have a desire to have children and discover they cannot […]