Pregnancy is an exciting new adventure with many unknowns. Some people work very hard to get […]
I recently read a book that highlighted a character who was adopted and searching for her […]
There are some people who have a chromosome abnormality, a type of genetic condition, who can […]
There are so many decisions parents have to make after their baby is born. Will you […]
neural tube defects
The majority of pregnancies result in healthy babies. More often than not, when a woman finds […]
A diagnosis of cancer can be a very overwhelming and emotional process. Questions of mortality, treatment, […]
noninvasive prenatal screening
In the past decade there have been numerous advances in the field of reproductive medicine with […]
prenatal genetic counseling
Pregnancies can bring out a mixed bag of emotions – excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and joy. With […]
advanced maternal age
Any woman who is 35 or older and goes to the doctor after becoming pregnant will […]
newborn screening
After the birth of your baby, there are so many events that happen. That first look […]