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Over the past few years of seeing patients virtually for genetic counseling, I have had quite […]
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When I was in graduate school, I saw a patient with my supervisor that I will […]
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Genetic testing can be a complicated process. There are many different types of genetic tests, including […]
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If you have been diagnosed with cancer or have a family history of cancer, one of […]
Almost every month of the year has been designated an awareness month for a certain type […]
The field of pharmacogenomics has continued to develop and advance. Many health care providers are now […]
There are some people who have a chromosome abnormality, a type of genetic condition, who can […]
The MTHFR gene mutation is fairly common in the general population. There are a few different […]
The field of genetic counseling has expanded rapidly over the last few decades. As the field […]
As a genetic counselor, when taking a family history during a genetic counseling session often people […]