The Importance of Genetic Testing & Genetic Counselors

genetic testing

Genetics are a powerful thing. They determine many things about you, such as the color of your eyes, your height, and whether your hair is straight or curly. While these factors contribute to your appearance, the set of genetic code you receive from each parent can also determine whether you have an increased risk for developing a serious disease or passing along a condition to your children. Here’s how genetic testing can teach you more about yourself.


Genetic Testing

Our bodies are miraculously complex. As members of the human species here on planet Earth, we share 99.9% of our genomes with our fellow humans, yet knowing more about the heritable variations in your genetic makeup can help you and your wellness team understand and manage your unique genetic risks and understand the role that personal and family genetic health history plays in each of our lives.

Genetic testing has become extremely popular over the last several years because it gives people the opportunity to take charge of their health and fertility. Knowledge, used well, is an incredible tool, and understanding more about the genetic blueprint of yourself or your child can be empowering. Some of the most common reasons that people choose genetic counseling or testing include:

  • A family or personal history of a birth defect, chromosomal disorder, genetic condition or hereditary cancer
  • Repeated miscarriage, having a stillborn baby or a baby who died in the first few months of life
  • Parents who already have a child with a birth defect, developmental disorder, intellectual disability or known inherited disorder
  • A woman age 35 or older who is or plans to become pregnant
  • Test results indicate the possibility of a chromosomal or genetic disorder
  • People of a specific ethnic background who have a higher risk of passing certain medical conditions to their children

Testing for any of the above situations produces a lot of data that can be challenging for people to interpret on their own. Information on its own isn’t always helpful, you need to be able to interpret it and act on it effectively. That is just one reason why it’s a good idea to work with genetic counselors.




Make Sense of Complex Health Data with Genetic Counseling

You have ordered a genetic test by mail or completed testing through your local provider, yet you’re not sure what the results mean for your future. To complicate matters further, the office of the nearest genetic counselor is hundreds of miles away, and there’s no way you can get there. As a patient of Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling, there’s no need to travel at all. You simply schedule an appointment to speak to one of our genetic counselors online.

Your doctor can provide you with a lot of helpful information. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the time to answer all your questions and provide you with the guidance you need for future family planning or to manage your genetic condition. Our genetic counselors listen to you, provide answers that make sense and help you cope with what could potentially be difficult news. Best of all, you remain comfortable in your own home during the entire appointment.

Gaining a clearer picture of the variation in your genetic cards can help you manage the hand you’ve been dealt. The information discussed in your genetic counseling appointment can provide you greater clarity about risk management and help promote personal wellness.


Getting Started With Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is only the beginning. Following through with counseling brings your healthcare full circle. We are proud to provide individuals and organizations cutting-edge genetics services that are completely customizable and provide an outstanding quality of care!

Genetic counseling is a personalized approach to learning more about the story encoded within your genomic information. Genetic counselors help interpret the meaning of this data to provide actionable insights that are important for you, your family members, and your healthcare provider to manage genetic risk.

With a shortage of genetic counselors worldwide, an increasing number of patients seeking genetic testing, the number and complexity of genetic tests entering the market daily, and the difficulty in staffing and affordability for genetic counseling care, Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling offers a flexible platform and scalable genetic counseling solutions through a core group of licensed and certified genetic counselors to meet your organization’s needs for genetic counseling support.

Contact us today at Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling to see how we can help!


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