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Reliable Direction and Customized Tele-Genetic Counseling Solutions

Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling (AT-GC) staffs board-certified genetic counselors to provide support to patients, providers, and organizations through telehealth.

With a shortage of genetic counselors worldwide, an increasing number of patients seeking genetic testing, the number and complexity of genetic tests entering the market daily, and the difficulty in staffing and affordability for genetic counseling care, Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling offers a flexible platform and scalable genetic counseling solutions through a core group of licensed and certified genetic counselors to meet your organization’s needs for genetic counseling support.

Like the differences in our individual genomes that make us unique, AT-GC realizes that the needs of no two organizations are alike, and strives to provide customized solutions through our nimble and efficient approach to genetic counseling care.

We are dedicated to increasing access to and affordability of genetic counseling care and to increasing genetic health equity for all, no matter the location, anytime, and anywhere.

“I really appreciate your suggestions and your work with our patients. I get nothing but good feedback about your services from both patients and referring clinicians and I am so glad we work together.” 

Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology Professor
State academic health center helping 200,000 patients per year, served by Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling
With coverage across North America and staffed by licensed, board-certified genetic counselors, Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling (AT-GC) is a leading voice of expertise and pioneering provider of tele-genetic counseling and consulting services.
For companies and practices in need of genetics support, AT-GC provides virtual genomic health solutions with 24/7 access to a dedicated, nationwide, team of certified genetic counselors. AT-GC’s genetic counselors provide care for patients and assist with genetics-related support to organizations.


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We are here for our partners, and it shows.

Here’s what our partners are saying about us.

“I love the dedication AT-GC is engaging in to foster open, ongoing relationships.”


Manager, Clinical Products

Genetic company providing actionable information to guide health decisions through screening and support, served by AT-GC Genetics

We can’t overstate how much we appreciate this support during a very unusual and trying time for students and programs.”


Assistant Program Director

Accredited genetic counseling training program, served by AT-GC Genetics during the COVID-19 health crisis 


“The presentation was a big hit! Everyone appreciated the information and is looking forward to what comes next. Thanks again for all your work.”


Associate Director

Biopharmaceutical company for rare disease therapies, served by AT-GC Consulting

“Thank you! It’s been a wonderful partnership, looking forward to continuing it!”


Director of Operations

Contracted academic neurodegenerative research disease consortium, served by AT-GC Genetics

at-gc supports all genetic indications 

An overview of some of the reasons people meet with an AT-GC genetic counselor

Genetic Counseling for Reproduction

Genetic counseling for those planning to expand their family and for those who are currently expecting

1:2 cases of infertility are related to genetics

Genetic counseling for conception journey challenges

Genetic counseling for a history of pregnancy complications, those with a family history of genetic disease, and all those wishing to know more about individualized reproductive risks


Genetic Counseling for Cancer

1:10 of all cancers are related to genetics 

Genetic counseling for personal or family history of cancer including ovarian, pancreatic, breast, or colorectal cancers, among others

Family or personal history of similar cancer types, multiple family diagnoses, or cancers occurring more frequently or at younger ages than would be expected


Genetic Counseling for Wellness

Genetic counseling for all who want to understand more about the influence of their inherited genetic information and associated health risks

Genetic counseling for personal or family history of suspected genetic conditions

Genetic counseling for those experiencing symptoms and for healthy individuals who seek personalized health information

Genetic Counseling for Neurology

Genetic counseling for genetically-suspected epilepsies 

Genetic counseling for Alzheimer’s disease and early-onset dementia

Genetic counseling for Huntington disease, hereditary-suspected ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Parkinson disease, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, and other neurodegenerative conditions


Genetic Counseling for Cardiology

Genetic counseling for cardiomyopathy

Genetic counseling for arrhythmia disorders

Genetic counseling for personal or family history of early heart attack, hyperlipidemia/hypercholesterolemia, PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension), thoracic aneurysm, congenital heart disease, or sudden cardiac death

Genetic Counseling for Pharmacogenomic Response

Pharmacogenomic testing explores how an individual may respond to common drugs and can help prevent adverse reactions and provide efficacy information for dosage and type

Pharmacogenomics is useful, and sometimes critical, for medication and treatment decisions for cancer, heart and lung disease, and mental health

Genetic Counseling for Ocular Conditions

Genetic counseling for early-onset vision changes, such as blindness, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and in cases of retinal degeneration

Genetic counseling for other conditions of the eye that are suspected to be genetic in nature


Genetic Counseling for Family History Information

Genetic counseling for family history of similar conditions or symptoms that appear, especially in multiple family members, those on the same side of the family, and sometimes with more frequency, with higher severity, or at earlier-than-typical ages

 Genetic Counseling for Surgery

Genetic counseling for patients undergoing surgery with a suspected or known family or personal history of genetic disease

Genetic counseling for pre-surgical and post-surgical decisions to support physician management

Benefits for Patients. 

As genetic counselors ourselves, we are well aware that it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find local genetic counselors within driving distance and with a wait-time of less than 3-6 months. With same-week, multi-lingual appointments and a  virtual approach to care, AT-GC takes the waiting and effort out of finding a genetic provider and brings genetics counseling knowledge to your fingertips.


Benefits for Providers.

In today’s world, a multidisciplinary approach to health and medicine is the norm. Providers refer to specialists to manage patient needs. AT-GC’s genetic counselors help explain complex genetic data to patients while keeping providers alert to genetic risk information for management and continuity of patient care. 


Benefits for Organizations.

Envisioned and created to reduce geographic, economic, and time-based access barriers to genetic counselors, AT-GC is a genetic counselor-owned telemedicine practice. With a nimble, scalable telemedicine platform that allows us to connect with our patients and partner groups, AT-GC’s world-class genetic counselors integrate with our partners and patients, no matter the location. 

Bring Genetic Counseling to Your Fingertips

Our team of certified genetic counseling experts provides comprehensive, customizable services via telemedicine to patients and providers nationwide. With national coverage, we understand that every patient, community, and organization is as unique as our individual DNA and strive to meet patients and partners where they are, wherever that may be, to provide world-class genetic counseling when and where and for all who need it.


Rapid Turnaround

With patient consultations available within days of referral, AT-GC offers rapid turnaround and a drastic reduction in clinical wait times. Whereas the national average trends toward 3-6 months, we routinely see patients within 3 days or less. With dedicated AT-GC team members standing by, we’re here for your practice when you need us, even when unexpected.

Reduce Physician Liability & Free Up Time 

Nearly 30% of the time,

requests for complex genetic tests are changed through correction or improvement following genetic counselor review, leading to substantial cost savings with canceled tests.

Outsourcing to AT-GC’s genetic counselors means that valuable physician time can be spent on other aspects of patient care while reducing your providers’ liability.

Scalable Solutions

AT-GC provides access to a team of certified genetic counselors with financially-conscious models that reflect our commitment to growing solutions together with our partners, allowing them to utilize our team’s expertise when and where they need.

Flexible, Customizable Integration

The nimbleness of our telehealth genetic counseling platform means that we are free to design and implement customized workflows, scheduling options, and reliable extensions for connecting with your team and patients while integrating into your existing systems. 


Promote Local Retention, Prevent Patient Leakage 

Personalized explanations and recommendations related to patient care are sent directly to referring physicians, encouraging continuity of care and ongoing health management within your existing system, encouraging patient retention through personalized genetic reports with suggestions for follow-up care, screening, and management.

Support, On Your Terms

Whether your team is seeking a systemwide, multidisciplinary, long-term genetic counseling solution without the risk of hiring, or needs a little extra interim support for your genetic counselor’s temporary absence, AT-GC is here to help. We provide truly comprehensive genetic counseling for all sorts of needs, including high-volume coverage, to reduce backlog and provide distant site/outreach support, and to fulfill accreditation requirements.

Patient-Centric Care

Patient-centric appointments address the genetic as well as psychosocial implications for patients. Appointments are not time-limited, but instead, are concluded based on the patient’s satisfactory understanding. We offer complimentary language translation and real-time counseling in multiple languages, including Spanish.

Expand Your Network, Increase Your Offerings, Support Your Patients

AT-GC provides a valuable addition to help complete your scope of service offerings while providing collaboration with a team of genetics experts through processes, technology, and workflow customized to meet your needs.

Let Us Assist 

For patients, their healthcare providers are the experts. Help support your patients and their care through a robust genetics support protocol, ensuring every patient is getting the genetics care needed while keeping you informed and focused on the larger picture of patient care.

Genetic Counseling with Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling



Access to healthcare should not be dependent on where you live. With a  long-term, global deficit of genetic counselors among increasing demand for genetics evaluations, AT-GC’s tele-genetic counseling support services are an essential tool for achieving health equity across practices, and for all patients. We are passionate about providing a solution by connecting patients and providers to qualified genetics professionals.



It is our goal to help increase access and to today’s high-performing, knowledgeable genetic counselors for all who seek to know more about the influence of heredity on our personal well-being. AT-GC’s scalable platform translates into substantial cost-savings for our patients and partners.  AT-GC is dedicated to finding solutions to support patient care across our communities for all who need them.



Telemedicine provides ease of scheduling for patients who may otherwise lack the ability, time, or resources to meet with an in-person genetic counselor. For practices and larger health organizations, partnering with AT-GC means no more unfilled genetic counselor positions, no training and overhead, and no problems with retention. We’re ready to help, anytime, and anywhere. 



Patients who complete a genetic counseling appointment with an AT-GC genetic counselor report an accurate perception of their risks and say that the experience exceeded their expectations. There is no difference in patient knowledge or satisfaction compared to in-person genetic counseling. AT-GC’s genetic counselors are board-certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling and proudly uphold what it means to be a Certified Genetic Counselor. 

Our Vision

Genetic counselor-founded, AT-GC is a woman-owned business dedicated to reducing traditional barriers to genetic counseling access through digital telemedicine models that keep us connected and available to the patients and organizations we serve–anytime, anywhere, and for all who need it.

Our innovation

AT-GC provides an economically-conscious solution for improving rapid access to genetics care through an online connection with certified genetic counseling experts. 

In addition to genetic counseling solutions, we’ve helped our clients with consulting and additional project types requiring the expertise of genetic counselors.

Our Mission

Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling (AT-GC), staffed by licensed, board-certified genetic counselors, provides telehealth genetic counseling and consulting services across North America and select international locations.

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