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July 2020 interview with AT-GC cofounder and CEO, Elizabeth Turner, and MedAnswers cofounder and CEO, Alice Crisci, discussing the power of AT-GC’s genetic counseling and its usefulness and necessity for patients and providers in the modern fertility practice  

June 2020 sponsorship of DNA Today podcast content is shared from DNA Today #125 Infertility Series: Nick Charles on Controversies, available in full  from host and GC, Kira Dineen, about PGT and mosaicism in reproductive genetics

May 2020 Facebook Live interview with AT-GC cofounder, Elizabeth Turner, and MedAnswers cofounder, Alice Crisci, discussing genetics, fertility, and announce collaboration 

Originally aired in January 2019, colorectal surgeon and host of KET’s Kentucky Health for PBS, Dr. Wayne Tuckson, interviews AT-GC’s cofounders about the importance of genetic counseling

AT-GC’s cofounder weighs in for this August 2018 Delicious Living Article by Lisa Truesdale

In the first installment of PhenoTips Speaker Series, telegenetics pioneer and thought leader Elizabeth Turner draws on personal experience to offer guidance to genetic counselors who are adapting to virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic, as interviewed by DNAToday’s Kira Dineen.

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