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AT-GC is independent from any laboratory to offer unbiased care and do what’s best for you.

Genetics is complicated. Rapid access to comprehensive genetic counseling doesn’t have to be.

Founded in 2016, Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling is proud to remain one of the nation’s first truly  independent woman-owned tele-genetics practices.

AT-GC Genetic Counselors Help Navigate Your Genetic Information

Did you know that certain health conditions are linked to heredity?

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 Frequently Asked Questions
AT-GC Patient Guide 

An inherited condition is a medical condition or a trait that can be passed down through a family’s generations. Genes are the instructions that our bodies use to grow and function. If a gene has a change in it, this may effectively change the function of the gene. 

Sometimes, these gene changes mean that the gene does not work properly, which can put an individual at higher risk for developing health symptoms related to having a hereditary variation in that gene.

Genetic counseling for nee patients involves an initial consultation with health history review, personalized risk assessment, and interpretation of any existing genetic testing. 

Your genetic counselor may help coordinate genetic testing for you and/or your local provider.

Results genetic counseling includes a review of genetic testing results and what they mean for the future, medical management recommendations when available, and implications for family members.

Meeting with a genetic counselor can help you learn more about the specific genetic risks in your family. Genetic counseling and genetic testing may or may not help identify specific causes for conditions in yourself or family members.

Based on your genetic testing results, your doctor may want to offer specialized screening or management options to keep you healthy. If your results are positive, you may want to consider ways to reduce the chance of developing symptoms related to your genetic findings.

You could share information with your at-risk relatives that the genetic counselor defines so that they, along with their physician and genetic counselor, can determine their own genetic risk factors and stay healthy.

Understanding the impact of genetics on your health and family members is an increasingly powerful tool that can be used to understand your genetic risks and learn about ways to stay healthy or manage these risks.

People seek genetic counseling for all sorts of reasons.

Some individuals or family members have a clinical diagnosis or symptoms that may indicate a genetic condition that they would like to know more about. 

Others want to understand the meaning and implication of genetic testing results, and genetic counseling can help clarify risk factors.

In all instances, it is an individuals’ decision to pursue of decline any exploration of genetic testing.

In order to get a clear picture of your personal genetic risk factors, you may complete a personal and family genetic health history prior to and/or during your initial genetic counseling consultation. Some of the topics you will discuss with the genetic counselor include:

  1. Which relatives have had symptoms that may indicate an underlying genetic condition?
  2. How old were they/you when they/you developed these symptoms, and what types of symptoms did they/you have?
  3. Has anyone in the family had a diagnosis of a genetic condition, or have you or a family member already had some genetic testing? 
  4. Is there a limited family health history due to adoption or other unknown factors?
  5. What are you hoping to learn from your genetic counseling appointment?


Genetic counseling is a reimbursable expense under some commercial insurance plans. Please contact your insurance provider to verify your out-of-network benefits and coverage. AT-GC is currently an out-of-network provider. When you schedule your appointment, you may enter your insurance information. You will be asked to provide your credit or HSA card information, which is required to hold your appointment time. You will not be charged at the time of scheduling. Following your visit, you will be charged for your genetic counseling service. AT-GC may provide a detailed receipt, or superbill, to assist with your filing of the claim to seek reimbursement. 

Please note that genetic testing is coordinated with genetic testing laboratories, and the cost of genetic testing is separate from our practice. You can contact your insurance provider for more information about genetic testing coverage, which may include some cases of personal or family history of disease for which testing is indicated in specific genes.

AT-GC does not accept Medicaid, Medicare, or Tricare, including managed plans. 


We believe that genetic counseling should be accessible for all. That’s why we offer comprehensive genetic counseling services for seamless end-to-end care, from a single, dedicated genetic counselor to serve all of your genetic counseling needs for your primary indication.

Our comprehensive services are $268 and include pre-test genetic counseling, a 3-generation family and personal genetic health history, risk assessment, communication and follow up with your local healthcare team. If you proceed with genetic testing, coordination of the genetic testing, results management and interpretation, post-test genetic counseling, and additional care are provided to you by a single Certified Genetic Counselor familiar with your story and your needs.

For patients with a local physician who have completed a risk assessment and have genetic testing results, AT-GC offers a results-only single interpretation for $144.

To choose the option that is best for you, select the appropriate service type as you schedule you register for your first scheduled appointment with AT-GC.


It is our goal to help make genetic counseling more accessible to individuals who need it. AT-GC offers financial assistance via a reduction in fees for patients who meet certain criteria and who are able to provide the required supporting documentation. You may request a copy of AT-GC’s Patient Assistance Application by emailing our AT-GC Care Team Coordinators. To see if you may qualify, please consult the poverty guidelines updated periodically in the Federal Register by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 

Questions? Get in touch.

At AT-GC, all genetic counseling follow up for your primary indication is included. 

This means you pay once and receive comprehensive genetic counseling care tailored to your needs.

Your AT-GC genetic counselor keeps you and your provider informed throughout your genetic wellness journey, offering truly comprehensive service with a one-time fee and personalized end-to-end care from a single qualified clinician who knows your case and takes the time to understand your needs.

AT-GC is not affiliated with any particular genetic testing laboratory.

AT-GC is proud to be an independent genetic counseling provider and has renewed dedication to providing educated, unbiased care.

Genetic counselors combine professional judgement with patient and physician preference (if any) when coordinating genetic testing. 

Our genetic counselors use the information discussed during the family and personal history intake during the patient appointment when considering the genetic testing that may be most appropriate for a particular patient.

Genetic testing can be a complicated process. There are many different types of genetic tests, including testing to confirm a clinical diagnosis, to determine increased health risks, and general health knowledge. Find out more here .

AT-GC does not have access to, nor does it store, biological patient samples.

Samples are submitted by the patient or the patient’s physician directly to the selected genetic testing laboratory.

AT-GC genetic counselors can help guide you through the genetic testing process and through the policies of various laboratory options with regard to preservation and protection of your DNA sample and genetic data, as not all laboratory policies are equivalent. 

Your AT-GC certified genetic counselor can help you and your provider coordinate genetic testing utilizing a laboratory that provides the genomic testing that is appropriate for your care.

After genetic counseling, your genetic counselor will upload your clinic notes, which are records of the main points of your discussion together and your detailed family and personal health history, as completed by your genetic counselor based on the information you have shared with any previous clinic reports or genetic testing results.

You and your genetic counselor and physician may decide genetic testing is appropriate. In this case, the genetic counselor may help coordinate genetic testing on your behalf. When results are available, your genetic counselor will interpret the meaning of your genetic testing results so that you know what the test means and how, if at all, it may impact your health, who else in the family is at risk for the same or a different genetic testing result, and next steps and management, if applicable. This results interpretation will take place between you and the genetic counselor.

Your AT-GC genetic counselor will follow up with you and your provider throughout the entirety of the genetic counseling process to serve as a liaison for navigating your questions and keeping your physician informed on any actionable next steps or need-to-know results.

Virtual Genetic Counseling for You

Genetic counseling is applicable for anyone seeking to understand more about their specific genetic risks and possible health effects.

Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling is dedicated to providing unbiased, comprehensive genetic counseling and genetic testing guidance.

Find an AT-GC Certified Genetic Counselor near you and begin your genetic counseling journey through telehealth.

Our Comprehensive Care means you’ll work with a single AT-GC Certified Genetic Counselor throughout the duration of your care, included from start to finish. No hidden fees, no multiple providers. It’s all included. 



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$ 144

Single Consultation

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  • Interpretation of Medically-Ordered Genetic Testing Results
  • Answers to Your Questions About Your Genetic Findings and Health Impact
  • Communication with Your Provider with Results and Next-Steps Information for Your Wellness and Ongoing Health Management
  • Easy-to-Understand Interpretation of Complex Genetics Topics and Results Translated into Meaningful Records for Your Ongoing Care
  • For New Patients with Provider-Ordered Genetic Testing Results AND Completed Three-Generation Personal and Family Genetic Health History (“Genetic Pedigree”) on File
  • For Existing AT-GC Patients Requesting Consultation for a New Indication Type with AT-GC for Further Genetic Evaluation and/or Testing
  • Comprehensive, End-to-End Care
  • Complete Personal and Family Genetic Health History
  • Appropriate for All New Patients
  • Full, Personalized Genetic Risk Identification and Assessment
  • Review Benefits, Limitations, and Genetic Testing Options
  • Interface with You and/or Your Provider to Coordinate Genetic Testing
Comprehensive genetic counseling care
$ 268

End-to-End Care

For New Patients

  • Comprehensive, End-to-End Care
  • Complete Personal and Family Genetic Health History
  • Appropriate for All New Patients
  • Personalized Genetic Risk Identification and Assessment
  • Review Benefits, Limitations, and Genetic Testing Options
  • Interface with You and/or Your Provider to Coordinate Genetic Testing
  • Interpretation of Genetic Testing Results
  • Answers to Your Questions About Your Genetic Findings and Health Impact
  • Communication with Your Provider with Results and Next-Steps Information for Your Wellness and Ongoing Health Management
  • Easy-to-Understand Interpretation of Complex Genetics Topics and Results Translated into Meaningful Records for Your Ongoing Care
  • Single, Dedicated Genetic Counselor Familiar with Your Genomic Care Needs to Support Your Decisions Throughout the Genetics Journey with AT-GC
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