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When asking a patient if they have any genetic conditions or health concerns that run in the family, I’ve often had patients respond, “no, but does crazy run in families?!” On a more serious note, I’ve also had patients who are very concerned that autism, cancer, heart disease, or other conditions run in their family […]
Cat with Chimerism Genetic Condition Face Two Different Colors AT-GC tele counseling for genetic testing
n 2018, a woman went public discussing her unusual birthmark on her abdomen. After years of questions, she had finally gained an explanation for her birthmark – chimerism. She reported that doctors were never able to explain why half of her abdomen was a different color from the other half. Most doctors just said it […]
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Genetic testing can be a complicated process. There are many different types of genetic tests, including testing to confirm a clinical diagnosis, to determine increased health risks, and general health knowledge. Today, some genetic testing companies offer general health genetic screening for conditions such as cancer, heart disease and other health conditions. If you are […]
The field of genetic counseling has expanded rapidly over the last few decades. As the field of genetics grows, more and more genetics providers are needed in various areas of health care. With that demand, genetic counselors are expanding into those health care fields, but there continues to be a shortage. Why is it important […]
During a genetic counseling session, a genetic counselor will often ask you questions about the health of your family members- parents, grandparents, children, and sometimes cousins, aunts, and uncles. It is very common for a person to tell a genetic counselor that they have a family history of diabetes. There has been a lot of […]
There are so many decisions parents have to make after their baby is born. Will you breastfeed or do formula? Will you give the baby a pacifier? Will you let family members hold the baby? And on the medical side of decision making, will you do newborn screening, vaccinate, and allow other medical treatments if […]
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The majority of pregnancies result in healthy babies. More often than not, when a woman finds out she is pregnant she will go on to have a healthy pregnancy with few complications. One of the purposes of ultrasound during pregnancy is to detect any abnormalities in the growing baby. At the 20-week ultrasound, the baby […]
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When someone is diagnosed with a genetic condition, there are many questions that arise for both the individual and their family. What will your life look like? What treatment options are there? What is going to happen if I have children? How am I going to adjust to my new diagnosis? These are only a […]
It’s the time of year when all our lattés become pumpkin spice and all our ribbons become pink. As we sip our seasonally-mandated beverages, it is very easy to forget the history behind those pink ribbons, breast cancer awareness month, and why they are important. The History of Breast Cancer Awareness Month In the 1980s, […]
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Genetic Counselors have been asked many times by patients, what happens if I do genetic testing and it shows I have a genetic condition? Can I lose my job? Health Insurance? Will I still be treated appropriately by doctors? There are many valid questions that come with the decision to pursue genetic testing. Sometimes a […]