Telemedicine has greatly increased access to genetic counseling services. A previous blog post highlights the use […]
genetic information nondiscrimination act
Genetic Counselors have been asked many times by patients, what happens if I do genetic testing […]
prenatal genetic counseling
Pregnancies can bring out a mixed bag of emotions – excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and joy. With […]
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A genetic test is a medical test that analyzes the DNA in your body by using […]
autism genetic testing
Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder usually characterized by difficulty in social interaction and communication […]
Scheduling and attending an appointment with genetic counselors isn’t always easy for patients to do even […]
genetic testing
Genetics are a powerful thing. They determine many things about you, such as the color of […]
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After the birth of your baby, there are so many events that happen. That first look […]
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Telemedicine has been around for over a century and continues to play an important role in […]