doctor talking with patient at hospital AT-GC virtual genetic counseling
Physicians go through quite a bit of training to be able to do their jobs. Take […]
mom hugging daughter with cancer can cancer run in the family ATGC advanced telegenetic counseling
If you have been diagnosed with cancer or have a family history of cancer, one of […]
There are some people who have a chromosome abnormality, a type of genetic condition, who can […]
The field of genetic counseling has expanded rapidly over the last few decades. As the field […]
As a genetic counselor, when taking a family history during a genetic counseling session often people […]
There are so many decisions parents have to make after their baby is born. Will you […]
Increasing patient access to genetic counseling piqued my interest as a student. This curiosity lead me […]
genetic condition support groups
When someone is diagnosed with a genetic condition, there are many questions that arise for both […]
Telemedicine has greatly increased access to genetic counseling services. A previous blog post highlights the use […]
genetic information nondiscrimination act
Genetic Counselors have been asked many times by patients, what happens if I do genetic testing […]