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genetics of infertility
  The Genetics of Infertility Having A Difficult Time Getting Pregnant?   You’re Not Alone Infertility Affects 7% of Couples Have you ever wondered about the genetics of infertility? As the trend of couples getting married and starting families at a later age increases, infertility has become a more common problem. Statistics show that 85 […]
history of genetic testing
A genetic test is a medical test that analyzes the DNA in your body by using saliva, blood, amniotic fluid, or tissue. By evaluating the coding of your DNA, a genetic test can determine if a mutation has occurred which may cause a segment of DNA to not function properly. These segments of DNA are […]
whole exome sequencing
There have been great advances in genetic technology over the past few decades. These advances began with identifying chromosomes, the packages that contain all of our genetic instructions that are inside every cell of our bodies, to now identifying and reading through our DNA, the smallest structure of our genetics inside those chromosomes. Having the […]
  The medical and scientific community has worked tirelessly since the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic to unravel the mysteries of this virus and the human body’s reaction to it. The spectrum of presentation is wide and highly variable ranging from asymptomatic to having symptoms of the common cold to more severe indications such as […]
kidney cancer
Our kidneys function in our bodies to remove excess water, salt, and waste products from the blood. There are different areas of the kidneys that play a role in this important job. Our kidneys also help control our blood pressure and make sure we have enough red blood cells in our bodies to stay healthy. […]
carrier screening
Carrier screening is a type of genetic test that can tell someone if they are a carrier for a recessive genetic condition. If someone is a carrier for a recessive genetic condition, they have one copy of their gene that doesn’t work properly. The other copy of their gene for that genetic condition does work […]
autism genetic testing
Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder usually characterized by difficulty in social interaction and communication and sometimes manifests as restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior. Parents often search for signs of autism in their children as they develop, and most pediatrician offices give out questionnaires to screen children for autism. The definition […]
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Almost everyone has a personal or family history of some sort of heart condition. Individuals can be born with a heart defect or develop a heart condition at a later point in their lives. We have continued to research the causes of heart conditions and have come a long way from even ten years ago. […]
genetic testing
Genetics are a powerful thing. They determine many things about you, such as the color of your eyes, your height, and whether your hair is straight or curly. While these factors contribute to your appearance, the set of genetic code you receive from each parent can also determine whether you have an increased risk for […]
newborn screening
After the birth of your baby, there are so many events that happen. That first look into your baby’s eyes, feeding, sleepless nights, and changing diapers. While you are still in the hospital, your baby is also evaluated to make sure he or she is healthy. One of the many tests the hospital runs to […]