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The field of pharmacogenomics has continued to develop and advance. Many health care providers are now considering genetic testing to help determine which medications are the best for their patients. Pharmacogenomics analyzes a person’s genetic instructions to determine which drugs and drug doses will be the best fit for that person. In the past, most […]
genetics of infertility
  The Genetics of Infertility Having A Difficult Time Getting Pregnant?   You’re Not Alone Infertility Affects 7% of Couples Have you ever wondered about the genetics of infertility? As the trend of couples getting married and starting families at a later age increases, infertility has become a more common problem. Statistics show that 85 […]
  The medical and scientific community has worked tirelessly since the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic to unravel the mysteries of this virus and the human body’s reaction to it. The spectrum of presentation is wide and highly variable ranging from asymptomatic to having symptoms of the common cold to more severe indications such as […]
skeletal dysplasia
The term skeletal dysplasia refers to a group of disorders that affect the bone and cartilage of the skeletal system during pregnancy. While rare, skeletal dysplasias are one of many conditions that we pay attention to during fetal ultrasounds. There are over 450 recognized types of skeletal dysplasias, and most likely many more that have […]