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There are some people who have a chromosome abnormality, a type of genetic condition, who can live their whole life and never know they have the condition. Often a person will only find out if they by chance are tested by a doctor or they have a desire to have children and discover they cannot […]
neural tube defects
The majority of pregnancies result in healthy babies. More often than not, when a woman finds out she is pregnant she will go on to have a healthy pregnancy with few complications. One of the purposes of ultrasound during pregnancy is to detect any abnormalities in the growing baby. At the 20-week ultrasound, the baby […]
carrier screening
Carrier screening is a type of genetic test that can tell someone if they are a carrier for a recessive genetic condition. If someone is a carrier for a recessive genetic condition, they have one copy of their gene that doesn’t work properly. The other copy of their gene for that genetic condition does work […]
advanced maternal age
Any woman who is 35 or older and goes to the doctor after becoming pregnant will most likely hear the term “advanced maternal age”. While that may not be the best term to use and would make anyone feel older than they really are, what exactly does it mean and why are women classified that […]
skeletal dysplasia
The term skeletal dysplasia refers to a group of disorders that affect the bone and cartilage of the skeletal system during pregnancy. While rare, skeletal dysplasias are one of many conditions that we pay attention to during fetal ultrasounds. There are over 450 recognized types of skeletal dysplasias, and most likely many more that have […]