How Technology Has Improved Patient Care


Scheduling and attending an appointment with genetic counselors isn’t always easy for patients to do even when they could benefit from the resources these professionals offer. Perhaps some of your patients live in rural communities, have scheduling conflicts or just can’t find a genetic specialist in the area who is familiar with their specific medical issue. While it can be frustrating when patients can’t get the services they need, technology now makes it possible for almost everyone.


Introducing Telegenetics

Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling offers genetic counseling services for patients without the need for them to visit our office. If your patient has a computer and a wireless network or a telephone, they can speak to one of our genetic counselors live. We still schedule an appointment time, but patients can complete the assessment from the comfort of their own home.


An Example of Telegenetics in Action

Michael is a young man diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease who also has a family history of the serious health condition. His neurologist suggests that he complete genetic testing to find out for sure. The only problem is that Michael lives in rural Kansas. The closest genetic counselor is miles away.He has difficulty driving and doesn’t know anyone willing to make the trip.

In the past, Michael would not have been able to follow through with his neurologist’s recommendation. With a service like we provide, he can provide a saliva or blood sample and send the sample off for genetic testing, with the genetic counselor’s assistance in coordination., and then speak to a genetic counselor by way of a video call once his genetic test results are available. Michael will gain valuable information to better manage his early-onset Parkinson’s disease going forward.


Genetic Counseling for Prospective Parents

Each person carries an average of one or two genetic mutations that could result in a severe genetic disorder for themselves or their biological children. When one or both members of a couple has a known genetic disorder, the ability to speak to a genetic counselor before conceiving is exceptionally valuable. With so few genetic counselors available in the United States, turning to telegenetics is a solution that just makes sense.


Physicians Often Fail to Recommend Genetic Screening Due to Lack of Access

Even when a doctor knows that their patient would benefit from screening for hereditary breast cancer, prostate cancer, or other serious conditions with a genetic component, many fail to recommend testing. However, it’s not because they don’t think it’s important. They simply don’t know where to refer their patients. With telegenetics, that’s no longer an issue.

We are proud to provide individuals and organizations cutting-edge genetics services that are completely customizable and provide an outstanding quality of care! Contact us at Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling to see how we can help!


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