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grandparent granddaughter sitting together genetic conditioning passed down through family AT-GC Advanced Telegenetic Counseling telehealth
When asking a patient if they have any genetic conditions or health concerns that run in the family, I’ve often had patients respond, “no, but does crazy run in families?!” On a more serious note, I’ve also had patients who are very concerned that autism, cancer, heart disease, or other conditions run in their family […]
The MTHFR gene mutation is fairly common in the general population. There are a few different areas of health where knowledge of an MTHFR mutation can be important. What exactly is it and what does it do in our bodies? The MTHFR gene provides genetic instructions to make a protein that helps your body process […]
During a genetic counseling session, a genetic counselor will often ask you questions about the health of your family members- parents, grandparents, children, and sometimes cousins, aunts, and uncles. It is very common for a person to tell a genetic counselor that they have a family history of diabetes. There has been a lot of […]