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One of the worst feelings is when you open up a bill from the hospital and look at the amount you owe. For me, it’s typically a complete surprise, and I have no idea what to expect when I’m looking at that bill. I then look at what they charged insurance and get a sinking feeling when I see that insurance didn’t cover near as much as I thought they would. While sometimes I’m very happy to see that insurance covered almost all of a medical procedure, often I see that they didn’t cover as much as I would have hoped. I’m sure many people can relate to my feelings. For some people with chronic health conditions, they most likely become very familiar with their health insurance policies and know what their insurance will cover and what won’t be covered. It’s typically a good idea to call your health insurance prior to your appointment, procedure, or surgery to see what will be covered.

For those interested in genetic counseling but are unsure of what your cost will be for the service, here are a few tips to try:

Call Your Health Insurance:
In many circumstances, your health insurance will cover the cost of genetic counseling. For example, a pregnant woman over the age of 35 or who had an abnormal fetal ultrasound and are referred to genetic counseling are most likely to be covered by health insurance. A person who has a personal diagnosis of cancer at a young age would also most likely have health insurance cover the cost of a genetic counseling appointment. Check with your health insurance prior to your appointment to see if the cost of genetic counseling is covered.

Check with Your Hospital or Clinic:
If your health insurance does not cover the cost of genetic counseling but you would like to proceed with your appointment, call the
hospital or clinic where the appointment is scheduled and speak with the billing department. Often an assistant can help you to know what you will be charged for the genetic counseling appointment. On average, a genetic counseling session is a couple hundred dollars depending on the state and hospital or clinic.

Discuss Financial Assistance Options:
Often a hospital or clinic will offer financial assistance or discounts if you would like to proceed with an appointment, but health insurance will not cover the cost and you cannot pay for the visit. Typically, you will need to fill out an application and submit required documents such as tax or pay stubs. The hospital or clinic will then determine based on the information you provided what discount they will provide.

Genetic Counseling Often Includes Genetic Testing:
In addition to genetic counseling, often a genetic counselor will recommend genetic testing, which would be an additional charge for the cost of the genetic test. Genetic tests are often performed outside of the hospital or clinic, at a genetic testing company. The genetic testing company will check your insurance to determine if they will cover the cost of the genetic test. Often the genetic testing company will contact you prior to starting your genetic test to let you know if health insurance will cover. If your health insurance doesn’t cover, there is often a self-pay rate of a few hundred dollars depending on the company. Many genetic testing companies also offer financial assistance.

Contact Us at AT-GC:
Our company is a tele-medicine service that allows access to genetic counseling for anyone in almost any state in the United States. Typically, our charge for genetic counseling is only a couple hundred dollars and is a one-time payment which includes the initial genetic counseling session and any follow-up after genetic testing. Payment is collected via verified credit card or HSA payment through our secure portal.

Going through these steps to determine the cost of genetic counseling will make the process much smoother and less stressful. It’s always appreciated to know what to expect prior to going through an experience, and to know how much you will pay will be one less concern. Please contact AT-GC if you are interested in genetic counseling and would like to discuss the cost of genetic counseling and genetic testing.

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